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Net Promoter Score in Power BI & Tableau

A Net Promoter Score or NPS is an index between -100 and +100 which indicates how likely customers are to recommend a product or service. NPS is widely used throughout many businesses and industries (especially consumer product and services) and there is a standardised calculation.

On a scale of 0 to 10 customers can be categorised into the following buckets:

Detractors - where score given is 6 or les

Passives - where score given is 7 or 8

Promoters - where score given is 9 or 10

Calculating the final score involves taking the % of Total Promoters and subtracting the % of Total Detractors.

Taking the following example, the % of Total Promoters equals 40.2% and taking the % of Total Detractors (35.4%). We are left with a NPS Score of 4.9.

How can this be achieved in Power BI or Tableau?

Net Promoter Score in Power BI

Net Promoter Score in Tableau

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