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Show or Hide sheets in Tableau Dashboards

Have you ever needed more space within your Tableau dashboard? This trick will show you how to make better use of your precious dashboard real estate by hiding a sheet on your dashboard such as a table. Importantly, when a table is hidden, other chart(s) on the dashboard can then consume the extra space.

Dashboard with Table Vs No Table example

With Table

Without Table


Create Parameter (as below) On newly created parameter, select Show Parameter Control

Create Calculated Field

Insert new measure into the Filters pane for the table only (whatever visual you want hidden). Tick ‘Show’ from the list then OK. When ‘Hide’ is selected in the parameter control, the table visual should then disappear.

Creating your dashboard

First, drag a Vertical container onto the canvas. This will allow the chart to occupy any hidden space

Then your chart and table, a typical view may be a chart with a table below.

Within the chart options, select Fit > Entire View

Add the Parameter

Hide the Title within the table

Uncheck Fix Height within the table options if selected

Add the Show/Hide Table Parameter.

When this is selected to Hide, the table should then be hidden allowing that extra space to be used up by the chart or other visual

Dashboard Showing Table

Dashboard Hiding Table

Hope this is useful! Any questions or comments please feel free to leave below, or alternatively you can contact us at


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