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Dynamic User Sorting with Tableau

Tableau has great built-in sorting options, but sometimes you might want to give your report user the flexibility to choose how and what to sort by.

Below you can see a simple workbook which gives the user the ability to sort product Sub-Category by a number of measures and to quickly switch between ascending and descending.

Feel free to download the workbook above to understand how to recreate this yourself, or read on for step by step instructions

Create two parameters

1. Sort by - which has the measures you want the user to be able to sort by

2. Sort direction - either ascending or descending

Tableau Parameters Sort Dynamic
Create Sort by and Sort direction parameters

Create the following calculated field

Tableau calculated field user sorting
Created Selected Sort calculated field

Sort Sub-Category by Selected Sort

Sort Tableau
Sort by Selected Sort

Hope this is useful! Any questions or comments please feel free to leave below, or alternatively you can contact us at


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